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The History and Evolution of Tourism

Prokopis A Christou

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Wirtschaft


This book provides an overview of the history and evolution of tourism to the present, and speculates on possible and probable change into the future. It discusses significant travel, tourism and hospitality events while referring to tourism-related notions and theories that have been developed since the beginnings of tourism. Its scope moves beyond a comprehensive historical account of facts and events. Instead, it bridges these with contemporary issues, challenges and concerns, hence enabling readers to connect tourism past with the present and future. This textbook aspires to enhance readers' comprehension of the perplexed system of tourism, promoting decision-making and even the development of new theories. Despite its academic orientation, the book is written in an approachable style enabling a clear and solid understanding of how tourism has evolved through the centuries. It uses several practitioner-linked, real-life examples and case studies derived from organizations and enterprises across all aspects of the tourism, travel and events industries. This book will be of great interest to academics, practitioners and students from a wide variety of disciplines, including tourism, hospitality, events, sociology, psychology, philosophy, history and human geography.


Christou aptly presented a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the history and evolution of tourism phenomenon through the exploration of time - each chapter represented a specific period that corresponded to a particular era of the human history. This thorough analysis of the development of tourism over time, highlighting the complex interplay of political, economic, social, and technological factors that have shaped the tourism industry into what it is today.

While the book presents a description of the origins of tourism, tracing the history of tourism from ancient times to the modern era, its structure also addresses research and analysis conducted in the field of tourism in a notable endeavour to bridge theory with practice with highlights of the discussions conducted academically and published evidence from well-respected media sources.

As such, the extensive use of case studies connected with philosophical or theoretical notions within the field used in this book present a dual faceted perspectives of practical and theory pushes for the need for evaluation and critical thinking within readers.
by Christou provides a comprehensive exploration of the subject matter. Each chapter offers valuable insights, supported by well-researched content and a clear narrative. The book succeeds in delivering a nuanced understanding of the historical progression of tourism at different eras, allowing readers to grasp the complexities and transformations of the industry over time and practice deep thinking about the future and tourism - now and in the future.
Overall, "The history and evolution of tourism"



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