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The Small and Mighty Book of Planet Earth

Catherine Brereton

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Small in size, MIGHTY in facts! The Small and Mighty Book of Planet Earth is a pocket-sized treasure trove of information about the planet on which we live.

Have you ever wondered about the watery, rocky planet we call home? Open this book to discover . . . How elephants predict earthquakes Water that is 4 billion years old An undersea mountain taller than Mount Everest and MANY MORE fascinating Earth facts.

Original vibrant illustrations and tons of fun facts make this an essential purchase for fans of Planet Earth.

From the Introduction:

This little book is absolutely bursting with facts about Planet Earth. Planet Earth is our home. It is a huge rocky ball in space. Around two-thirds of it is covered in water. The most special thing about Earth is that it supports life.

Filled with bite-size facts and amazing illustrations, the Small and Mighty series is the ultimate pocket-sized collectible series for young readers who can't get enough of their favorite topic.



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