Emerald Handbook of Appearance in the Workplace

Adelina Broadbridge (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Wirtschaft


The impact of individual appearance on career success, either positive or negative, often remains unspoken or even unconscious within the world of work. Appearance has been shown to influence decisions regarding renumeration, recruitment and promotion through biases such as size and gender discrimination. For women especially, there appears to be a delicate balance between achieving the right look and being perceived as professional. Such issues require a critical examination of the relationship between appearance and careers.Through a sharp intersectional lens honed by experts from across the globe, The Emerald Handbook of Appearance in the Workplace focuses on both internal and external influences that may complicate issues of workplace appearance and further impact the development and progression of individuals occupations. Thoughtfully structured to consider both theoretical and applied points of view, chapters examine topics such as body art, hair textures, lookism and ageism across a variety of industry sectors and levels of employment.The first of its kind in addressing appearance and careers with varying approaches and across a diverse range of concepts, this Handbook provides an essential overview of the unspoken impact that personal presentation and assumptions can have on how employees are perceived and ultimately progress in their careers.