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Laura Dockrill

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Blossom has grown up surrounded by the beautiful plants and flowers from her family’s market stall. The stall was started by her grandparents, Tutu and Pops, and passed on to Blossom’s parents after their death. It’s a magical place where customers come to find flowers for all occasions: from celebrating love to offering comfort in times of sorrow. But now the stall is at risk, with tension rising as Blossom’s parents argue about the future. Can Blossom call on the lessons she learned from Tutu and find a way to cope with the dramatic changes that are happening around her. Can she save the flower stall?

Acclaimed author Laura Dockrill sows seeds of hope and community at the flower market in this heartfelt, lyrical tale of family life and change. This book features a dyslexia-friendly layout and font, and illustrations throughout so that even more readers can enjoy it.


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friendship, change, grief, gardening, self-belief, new starts, empathy, markets, community, flower market, house plants, growth, hope, resilience