Young Brownlow's Epiphany

Angelina Uccello

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


Young Brownlow's Epiphany is the author's homage to Charles Dickens and his most endearing character and a personal favourite, Oliver Twist. Taking the name of the kind man who adopted him Mr Brownlow, Oliver reflects on his good fortune. If his adoptive father had not rescued him from his abysmal fate his future would have been grim indeed. He is constantly haunted by the shadows of his past and yet his childhood experiences shape his noble character as a young man.Ironically, for the eponymous hero Oliver Brownlow, he falls in love with a beautiful young woman called Millicent who is also haunted by certain traumatic events in her past. Attempting to win Millicent's hand by protecting her, he becomes exasperated by her reluctance to openly reciprocate his feelings. The storyline presents a complex and intricate narrative, in true Dickensian fashion, and has no shortage of twists, turns and subplots. Featuring both malevolent characters and engaging ones,Young Brownlow's Epiphanyhas a dark storyline where murder, subterfuge and child abuse are scattered menacingly throughout its pages.Although the narrative is dark and even grisly in places, it also features romance, humour and philanthropy. It highlights the importance of friendship, loyalty and love. Avid readers of period fiction may ask, does the story end happily? Why not take a read and find out!