Sacrificial Animals

Kailee Pedersen

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Two brothers return to their family home to care for their dying father, only to find the ghosts of their pasts are restless and hungry for blood, in this gothic horror perfect for fans of Hereditary and readers of Stephen Graham Jones. When their father calls them to tell them he is dying, Nick and Joshua rush back to their Nebraskan childhood home, Stag's Crossing, hoping for a deathbed reconciliation with man who raised them. But their return sparks memories of their childhood, and their father – Carlyle – a ruthless, violent, racist man who ruled Stag's Crossing with an iron fist. Returning home, the family find themselves falling into familiar patterns. As Joshua and his father renew their tight bonds, Nick finds himself ostracised and growing closer to Emilia, his brother's enigmatic wife. But something else has arrived at Stag's Crossing, a presence out for revenge, and Nick, Joshua and Carlyle, who have traded in blood, dirt and violence for so long, are about to face a reckoning like no other.

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