TV-Philosophy in Action

The Ethics and Politics of TV Series

Sandra Laugier

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Theater, Ballett


TV-Philosophy in Action is inspired by philosopher and series-devotee Sandra Laugier’s monthly columns published in the French journal Libération. It is her contribution to the collective reflection on TV series produced by critics, theorists, and the vast mass of individual watchers who evaluate and discuss these programmes every day. The book brings together a selection of articles from Libération, as well as longer pieces, to demonstrate ‘TV-Philosophy in action’: Laugier’s response as a philosopher-viewer to a range of particularly salient TV shows from the last 20 years, and their relationship to social and political issues of our times. Arranged under a number of important themes—relating to politics, identity, and the stories we tell ourselves about our world—the book shows how TV series provide a rich resource for thinking about our lives, and places them centre-stage as works of art, and of thought, in their own right.

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TV series and aesthetics, TV series and education, film-philosophy and TV, TV series and ordinary language philosophy, Stanley Cavell and TV, Cavell's writing on TV, TV series and moral perfectionism, philosophy of TV, philosophy of boxsets, TV series and ethics