Sea Leopard

Craig Thomas

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


The West's new submarine technology could change the direction of the Cold War, and the USSR will go through hell and high water to steal it...The Cold War shows no signs of cooling down. The Royal Navy is testing new, top-secret technology aboard their nuclear submarine, Proteus. Known as Sea Leopard, the device can render an entire submarine invisible to sonar, allowing it to sail anywhere, undetected.But the secret is out: the Soviets know all about it. With Sea Leopard presenting an existential threat to the USSR, they launch a daring, double-pronged operation to steal the technology. At sea, they will lure Proteus into a trap. In London, KGB agent Petrunin will track down and capture the Sea Leopard's inventor, Quin.With the fate of Sea Leopard, the Proteus and the free world at stake, spymaster Kenneth Aubrey puts British Intelligence agent Patrick Hyde on the case. He must rescue the inventor before Petrunin can get his hands on him. The fact that he's on UK soil is no help - KGB agents are hot on his heels, and time is running out.High-stakes espionage fuses with claustrophobic underwater adventure in this ice-cold, intense and utterly compelling technothriller, perfect for fans of Robert Ludlum and Frederick Forsyth.

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