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The Lonely Lake Killings

The BRAND NEW instalment in Wes Markin's completely gripping crime thriller series for 2023

Wes Markin

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Are you missing Happy Valley? Don't miss the next gripping instalment in the Yorkshire Murder Series by bestselling British crime author Wes Markin

A lonely recluse. A missing girl and a community in fear.

When the body of a young local girl is found next to an isolated lake, the main suspect is the old recluse who has lived next to the lake for many years – especially when the young girl’s purse is found on the old man’s doorstep.

But DCI Emma Gardner and her partner DI Paul Riddick aren’t so sure. Why would the old hermit leave such an obvious clue? And who would want to set the old man up?

As they dig deeper into the murder they discover a community in fear, determined to keep hold of long buried secrets. And Riddick is convinced that his own dark past is somehow linked to this crime, too.

Gardner fears that she may never get the answers she needs, until a break leads her down a path she’d rather not face. One that runs directly to her own front door…

What people are saying about Wes Markin...

'Cracking start to an exciting new series. Twist and turns, thrills and kills. I loved it.' Bestselling author Ross Greenwood.

'Markin stuns with his latest offering... Mind-bendingly dark and deep, you know it's not for the faint hearted from page one. Intricate plotting, devious twists and excellent characterisation take this tale to a whole new level. Any serious crime fan will love it!' Bestselling author Owen Mullen

'A nerve-jangling, heart thumping belter of a crime series.' Bestselling author TG Reid

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