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Out Of Touch

Michael Sarais

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


When Teddy Clarke sees Vincent Stewart's Facebook profile in 2008, he isn't sure why, but sending him a friend request seems like a good idea. Over the weeks and months ahead, the two teenagers become friends and maybe-possibly-something more, through late night chats and hasty confessions.

Breaking more rules than Vincent could dream of, he agrees to meet Teddy in London and for one magical night, it feels like the start of their forever. Or so they hope.

When real life intervenes, the two boys struggle to stay on the same page. Still, Teddy and Vincent carry a torch for each other and the love story they almost had.

Over the years their lives intertwine in unexpected ways, two boys who are clearly meant to be together...if they can ever manage to be in the right the right time.

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