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Bewitched and Beguiled

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Tracy Hogan

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Have you at times felt paralysed, suffocated, strangulated and immobilised in doing the will of God in your life? Particularly, when pressing in during your times of prayer? Or, perhaps, have you experienced a great battle to even get to that place of prayer? Have you had relationships in your personal life, in your church or ministry seem like overnight they have fallen apart with no hope of restoration in sight? This book is written to and for the Body of Christ to look at a topic that most in the Church fear to talk about for many reasons. One being many believe that as a new creation in Christ we cannot be influenced, manipulated and controlled by the dark and wicked, occultic powers known as witchcraft. This book is written to help shed light on a topic that is rarely discussed from behind the pulpit, in our ministry meetings, or during the different Christian conferences that we attend, wanting to gain spiritual growth and healing. It is a subject matter that as a believer in Christ, we need not to fear. Instead, we must educate ourselves on the reality of theses powers of darkness that rage constantly trying to stop us from fulfilling the call that is on our lives. For ultimately, they want to stop us from fulfilling the high and lofty destiny that the Lord Jesus Christ has for us - to be the Bride of Christ. In Bewitched & Beguiled - Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, Tracy reveals, uncovers and unmasks some of the tactics that workers of darkness hide behind while attempting to infiltrate the Church so that she can empower believers in Christ to contend for their faith like their lives depend upon it and avoid being deceived. 

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Bride of Christ, Spiritual Battle, Spiritual Warfare, Jezebel, Spiritual Growth, Transformation, Deception