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Over 60 recipes to make Taco Tuesdays last all week long

Victoria Elizondo

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Increase your Taco Tuesday repertoire and take a deeper dive into the versatility of this popular mealtime treat with this collection of fun, accessible taqueria food.

Specializing in vibrantly colorful, authentic Mexican fare using only fresh ingredients, chef Victoria Elizondo focuses on Mexican guisos - the type of food that makes you feel you are home. There are quick and easy recipes to rustle up on weekday nights, with vegan and veggie alternatives, a vast range of salsas and sides, as well as slow-cooking specialties enriched with aromatic spices. So, whether you are looking for family or after-work meals, planning a fiesta, or anywhere in between, here are creative inventions to stimulate your palate and enrich your dining experience.

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Victoria Elizondo



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