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Time to Say Goodbye

The new saga from Sunday Times bestselling author Rosie Goodwin

Rosie Goodwin

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The final book in Rosie Goodwin's bestselling 'Days of the Week' collection

'A vibrant page-turner with entrancing characters' Margaret Dickinson

'Rosie writes such heartwarming sagas' Lyn Andrews

Nuneaton, 1935.

Kathy has grown up at Treetops home for children, where Sunday and Tom Branning have always cared for her as one of their own. She enjoys her life at Treetops Manor, surrounded by her beloved horses, and with a future as a nurse ahead of her, she could wish for nothing more.

Her foster sister Livvy is not as driven as Kathy. Sunday is keen to see both her girls married, but Livvy has no intentions of settling down and would much rather spend time with her friends. When Kathy falls for the wrong man, her ambitions are soon forgotten as she embarks on a secret affair.

The Branning family is overwhelmed with grief when Tom dies suddenly in a riding accident. The running of the estate falls into chaos and life at Treetops will never be the same again. As their financial difficulties begin to mount, they are forced to leave their home.

The women of Treetops think that things can't get any worse. But then it is announced that the country is at war once more . . .

* * *

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