The Keys to Kindness

How to be Kinder to Yourself, Others and the World

Claudia Hammond

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


Using the latest research from psychology and neuroscience, and working in collaboration with the University of Sussex’s world-leading Centre for Research on Kindness, Claudia Hammond takes us on a eye-opening tour of kindness: what constitutes kindness (it’s not just one thing), effective strategies to build more of it into our lives and the benefits of being kind. The book is structured around the seven keys of kindness: 1: There is more kindness in the world that you might think 2: Being kind makes you feel good and that’s OK 3: Don’t get too hung up on motives 4: Kind people can be winners 5: Kindness comes from seeing other people’s points of view 6: Anyone can be a hero 7 : Remember to be kind to yourself A Prescription for kindness You are kinder than you think, but we could all be kinder still – with enormous benefits for our personal mental health and wellbeing. The Keys to Kindness sets out a prescription for a kinder life that you can adapt to your own circumstances, and how to apply these lessons to ourselves, others and the planet.

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