The Hip Hop MBA

Lessons in Cut-Throat Capitalism from Rap’s Moguls

Nels Abbey

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What does the founding of the Sugarhill Gang teach us about business development? What can we learn about management and leadership from Jay-Z’s decades-long dominance? What does Ice Cube’s refusal to accept $75,000 to remain a member of NWA tell us about risk management? What can we learn about market dominance from the Death Row and Bad Boy Records beef? What does the rise and fall of MC Hammer (and the near fall of Rihanna) reveal about the psychology of money management? Does Lil Nas X have anything to teach us about corporate diversity? In The Hip Hop MBA, banker–turned–writer Nels Abbey offers an alternative and entertaining look at business and economics through the rise and triumph of Hip Hop. This is the story of how rap industrialists – like Jay-Z, Suge Knight, Sylvia Robinson, Puff Daddy, 50 Cent and Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams – took chronic economic pain and turned it into champagne. With a business acumen often acquired in the streets, these moguls created and sustained a multi-billion-dollar industry – leaving Greek mythology-worthy stories of success and failure, betrayal and revenge in their wakes. The world of business hasn’t taken Hip Hop moguls or their methods anywhere near seriously enough – until now. The Hip Hop MBA is taking you back to school.

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