The Hard Road Will Take You Home

What the Special Forces Teaches Us About Innovation, Endeavour and Next-Level Success

Anthony Stazicker

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


'Incredible ... Staz is an inspiration' Nims Purja

'A must read for anyone who wants to succeed and thrive under pressure' Dylan Hartley

'Stacked with insights ... The book you need when the going gets tough' Aldo Kane

Elite Discipline meets Creative Effort

Anthony 'Staz' Stazicker served an impressive 13 years of distinguished and decorated military service, ten within the Special Forces, before founding the multi-million pound technical clothing company ThruDark. Throughout his career in the Special Forces - featuring gunfights, door-kicking operations, and against-the-odds escapes - he learned hard lessons that would later provide crucial intelligence equally applicable to business, innovation and enterprise.

The Hard Road Will Take You Home provides a mission plan that distils the processes and tactics Staz gathered throughout his career and translates them into tools that can be used in any number of settings, and by individuals with a wide range of experience and backgrounds. It instils the psychological cues required to bring next level success to any mission. And it lays bare the levels of discipline required to maintain that next level success.

Introducing four concepts that make up the life of an elite operator - battle prep; techniques, tactics and procedures; teamwork and the lessons we should all consider when learning how to innovate, persevere and succeed - this book comes stacked with insight, easily applicable techniques and psychological processes gathered from Staz's time serving with the most resilient fighting force in the world.

As a creative resource, it's a weapon.



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