Johnson at 10

The Inside Story

Anthony Seldon

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politikwissenschaft


***Chosen as a non-fiction highlight of 2023 in The Times and the Observer***

After his sudden rise to power in the summer of 2019 amid the Brexit deadlock, Boris Johnson presided over the most dramatic period of British history in almost a century. From the controversial prorogation of Parliament in August 2019 to the historic landslide victory later that year, the agonising upheaval of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic - and the scandals unleashed by both - the Afghanistan crisis, and the conflict in Ukraine, Johnson's premiership was more turbulent than any other in living memory.

This gripping work of contemporary history maps Johnson's time in power across ten decisive moments and sheds light on the most divisive and inscrutable prime minister since Margaret Thatcher. Based on major interviews with key aides and allies, Anthony Seldon and Raymond Newell give the first full account of Boris Johnson's explosive time in office.



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