An Uneasy Inheritance

My Family and Other Radicals

Polly Toynbee

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***Chosen as a 2023 non-fiction highlight in the Guardian, Financial Times, New Statesman, The Tablet and Irish Times***

While for generations Polly Toynbee's ancestors have been committed left-wing rabble-rousers railing against injustice, they could never claim to be working class, settling instead for the prosperous life of academia or journalism enjoyed by their own forebears. So where does that leave their ideals of class equality?

Through a colourful, entertaining examination of her own family - which in addition to her writer father Philip and her historian grandfather Arnold contains everyone from the Glenconners to Jessica Mitford to Bertrand Russell, and features ancestral home Castle Howard as a backdrop - Toynbee explores the myth of mobility, the guilt of privilege, and asks for a truly honest conversation about class in Britain.

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Lady Glenconner, socialism, Boris Johnson, Lady in Waiting, Hons and Rebels, class divide, champagne socialism, Castle Howard, Bertrand Russell, anti-fascist, Jessica Mitford, class, Oxford, Philip Toynbee, Toynbee Hall, class in Britain, Oxford University, left-wing, Labour party, communism, Nickel and Dimed, Arnold Toynbee