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Environmental Pollutant Exposures and Public Health

R M Harrison (Hrsg.)

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Both genes and environment have profound effects upon our health. While some environmental factors such as polluted air are high in the public consciousness, there are many other pathways for people’s exposure to toxic chemicals, such as through food, water and contaminated land. It is not only chemicals that can affect health; environmental radioactivity, pathogenic organisms and our changing climate also have implications for public health, and all contribute to the global burden of disease, leading to both disability and deaths of millions of people annually across the world. An understanding of the pathways of environmental exposure, and its effects upon health is key to developing regulations and behaviours that reduce or prevent exposure, and the consequent impacts upon health.

Covering topics from dietary exposure to chemicals through to the health effects of climate change, this book brings together contributors from around the world to highlight the latest science on the impacts of environmental pollutant exposure upon public health.

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