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Saltmarsh's Essential Guide to Food Additives

Mike Saltmarsh (Hrsg.)

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Food additives play a vital role in allowing food manufacturers to provide the range of foods that are available in the developed countries of the world. Additives cover a considerable range from the recognisable sodium bicarbonate used to make cakes in the domestic kitchen to mono- and di-acetyltartaric esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids used as emulsifiers in commercial bread production. They include curcumin, the yellow colour in turmeric, beeswax and citric acid, the acid in citrus fruit, as well as substances prepared synthetically. It has long been fashionable in the media to criticise additives and, in so doing, to lump them all together but this ignores their diversity, their vital role in food production and preservation and the extensive testing they have undergone before being approved. This book outlines why additives are used, the testing regime within Europe, and a complete listing of all additives permitted within the EU.

The law covering food additives in the EU, which was harmonised in 1989, has been revised a number of times, most recently by the publication of Regulations 1333/2008 and 1129/2011. These Regulations have been amended a number times with additives being removed or added. This fifth edition of the Guide brings it up to date with a revision of every chapter to reflect the current situation.

Providing an invaluable resource for food and drink manufacturers, this book is the only work covering in detail every additive, its sources and uses. Those working in and around the food industry, students of food science and indeed anyone with an interest in what is in their food will find this a practical book full of fascinating details.

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