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Engaging Learners with Chemistry

Projects to Stimulate Interest and Participation

Shirley Simon (Hrsg.), Jan Apotheker (Hrsg.), Ilka Parchmann (Hrsg.)

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Many projects in recent years have applied context-based learning and engagement tools to the fostering of long-term student engagement with chemistry. While empirical evidence shows the positive effects of context-based learning approaches on students’ interest, the long-term effects on student engagement have not been sufficiently highlighted up to now.

Edited by respected chemistry education researchers, and with contributions from practitioners across the world, Engaging Learners with Chemistry sets out the approaches that have been successfully tested and implemented according to different criteria, including informative, interactive, and participatory engagement, while also considering citizenship and career perspectives.

Bringing together the latest research in one volume, this book will be useful for chemistry teachers, researchers in chemistry education and professionals in the chemical industry seeking to attract students to careers in the chemical sector.



Kruse, Stefanie, Karolina, Participation, Mitsuhiro, Projects, Herzog, Schwarzer, Stefan, Broman, Keith, Apotheker, Learners, Deborah, Finlayson, Terada, Chemistry, Katrin, Shirley, S, Blonder, Ilka, Stimulate, Jan, Engaging, Ron, Bennett, Corrigan, Interest, Odilla, Parchmann, Judith, Simon, Taber