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The Chemistry of Medical and Dental Materials

John W Nicholson

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With synthetic implants such as hip joints, heart valves and dental crowns now routinely used in the human body for medical purposes, study of the metals, ceramics and polymers used in these repairs is more important than ever. The Chemistry of Medical and Dental Materials examines the properties and interactions of these materials within the body at a molecular level, and includes discussion of bioengineering and cell biology, with accounts of the surgical procedures used, as well as extensive coverage of the possible biological reactions to the presence of foreign materials in the body.

Acknowledging the substantial growth of the biomaterials field since the first edition, this second edition sees each chapter comprehensively revised and updated. The new edition also includes a new chapter on ethical perspectives, covering issues from animal and human subject testing to the availability of treatments for poorer socio-economic groups.

With detailed reviews of the current literature, this book will be a key resource for researchers and practitioners in biomaterials science and dental biomaterials who are involved in the development of new and improved repair materials.

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