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Crime Scene to Court

The Essentials of Forensic Science

Peter C White (Hrsg.)

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The fascinating field of forensic science can be challenging to understand. Written for non-scientists, or those with limited scientific knowledge, this book covers the three main areas of an investigation where forensic science is practised: at the scene of the crime, in the forensic laboratory and at court. The fourth edition of this popular book features a new chapter on identifying an individual, including biometrics and a new chapter covering digital crime. The book has been updated throughout, keeping readers at the forefront of current practices across the forensic disciplines. Ideal for anyone studying forensic science or law, this book details how crime scene and forensic examinations are conducted in the United Kingdom, courtroom procedures and the role of the expert witness. It is an excellent source of information for anyone with a role in an investigation, including the police and crime scene investigators.

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