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Getting to Grips with Biblical Hebrew

An Introductory Textbook

David L. Baker

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Getting to Grips with Biblical Hebrew provides a simple introduction to biblical Hebrew for beginners. Consisting of thirty lessons, the book focuses on the basic grammar and vocabulary necessary for reading and understanding the biblical text. Exercises are taken directly from the Hebrew Bible, and students gain hands-on experience with the joys and challenges of translation. This textbook is specifically designed to be accessible for students who have never learned a foreign language or whose knowledge of English might be limited. For this reason, proficiency with English grammar is not assumed, and key concepts are explained as they occur. Tables of prefixes and suffixes are also provided to assist students in using a Hebrew dictionary. By providing insight into the process of translating from ancient to modern languages, this resource will enrich a student’s ability to interpret the Hebrew Bible in the here and now. Systematic and easy to use, this introduction to biblical Hebrew is perfect for anyone desiring to better understand the Old Testament texts.

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