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Òran Uisge - Wildflower Meadow

Sue Wood

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Ratgeber / Natur


Òran Uisge – Wildflower Meadow is a collection of mindful nature poems, inspired by time spent on the meadow through the seasons. Each poem is enhanced with a colourful image of a painting or photograph.

The poems are written in an evocative way to allow the reader to experience the effects nature has on our senses and mood. The warm breeze touching our skin, the scents from orchids ascending through the air, the song of a skylark overhead, the sight of dark clouds with the threat of Summer rain or the taste of the blackberry harvest. Òran Uisge is a perfect place to lose yourself in nature and in the moment.



Poetry, Seasons, Natural history, Isle of Skye, Haiku, Wildlife, Nature, Mindfulness, Wildflowers, Self help