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Always and Forever

A Self-Counselling Handbook

Koock Hyang Kim

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Ratgeber / Familie


‘Why is my mind constantly raging like a battlefield?’

Are you weighed down by fear, anxiety, rejection, loneliness, jealousy, insecurity or addictions?

You are not alone. Here are stories of people who struggled with these issues and are now on the journey of overcoming and freedom. This can be your story, too.

Always and Forever can help you to begin a new journey. It is a practical, step-by-step self-counselling guide with cartoon illustrations. The methods have proven to be effective in the real-life experience of many different individuals. This book seeks to bring life-changing transformation by showing you how to engage with God’s Spirit. He longs to lead you out of the lies you believe about yourself and into revelation of the truth about who you are – the Real You.

Is there a great void in your life that needs to be filled?

If so, don’t stop! Read on!

‘I was a mental-health patient for years and while I am grateful for that support, I found that it did not help me sort out my root issues. However, more recently I have received transforming healing from God by following the method outlined in this book. Those who know me are amazed at how much I have changed! I am so much stronger and am now in a position to help others receive ministry from God, too.’

‘My marriage was restored when we were on the verge of getting divorced. We are so thankful to God for leading us to receive the healing ministry in this book.’

‘God was a stranger to me before I encountered Him through this ministry, but now I can honestly say He is my closest Friend.’

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Orphan heart, Overcoming negative feelings and thoughts, Holy Spirit, Pain and rejection, Inner vows, Shock and trauma, Self help, Hardened heart, Christian counselling, Jesus, God, Addiction, Freedom from insecurity, Practical guide, Healing from broken relationships