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Letter Boxes Are Red

Edward Thomas

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Eastbourne as you have never seen it, and would never wish to.

Henry Wagstaff lives in the flat above his first-floor neighbours. They meet every Friday afternoon to play Scrabble. The initial impression of their lives in Eastbourne on the south coast of England is one of contentment, over a crucial period for the nation between the 24th of June 2016, the day after Britain voted to leave the European Union, and the 29th of March 2019, by which day it should have left and did not.

But their shared and combined lives are in parallel with a world of dystopia, under the yoke of foreign and religious domination, during which a long past overseas work experience returns to haunt Henry. The time sequence is the same but now it identifies as taking place between the months of Ramadan 1437 and Rajab 1440. .

Throughout both time sequences the threesome continues to play Scrabble once a week. Letter Boxes Are Red is the story of their parallel lives.

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freedom, control, dystopia, reality, political, fantasy, contentment, oppression