Guide to the Olympic Games and London 2012

Juliet Morris, Maurice Crow

ca. 18,73
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According to legend, the ancient Olympic Games were founded by Heracles (the Roman Hercules), a son of Zeus. The first Olympics were held in 776 BCE and continued to be played every four years for nearly 1200 years. In 393 CE, the Roman emperor Theodosius I, a Christian, abolished the Games because of their pagan influences. Approximately 1500 years later, a young Frenchmen named Pierre de Coubertin began their revival and the first modern day Olympics were held in Athens in 1896.The modern day Summer Olympics consist of approximately 10,500 competitors from 204 countries competing in more than 300 events. This pocket guide provides a brief history of the Olympics from their origin until the present day, including a guide to London 2012. The History of the Olympic Games is the perfect accessory to the London Olympics acting as a handy guide to Olympic venues, events and achievements. Also included are tables of previous winners making this the perfect gift for any Athletics fan.

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