The Ottoman Campaign

Edward J. Erickson

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A ';superb new book on the Ottoman perspective of Gallipoli' from the military historian and Gulf War veteran (Great War Forum). The Ottoman Army won a historic victory over the Allied forces at Gallipoli in 1915. This was one of the most decisive and clear-cut campaigns of the Great War. Yet the performance of the Ottomans, the victors, has often received less attention than that of the Allied army they defeated. In this perceptive study, Edward Erickson concentrates on the Ottoman side of the campaign. He looks in detail at the Ottoman Armyits structure, tactics and deploymentand at the conduct of the commanders who served it so well. His pioneering work complements the extensive literature on other aspects of the Gallipoli battle, in particular those accounts that have focused on the experience of the British, Australians and New Zealanders. This highly original reassessment of the campaign will be essential reading for students of the Great War, especially the conflict in the Middle East. ';Erickson's analysis of the battle itself is insightful and detailed and his writing style is extremely engaging and easily maintains the reader's interest.'War History Online ';This detailed appraisal of the Gallipoli campaign from the victorious Ottoman perspective is essential reading.'Military Historical Society

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