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Jack Shian and the Destiny Stone

Andrew Symon

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


THE SHIAN QUEST CONCLUDES . . . Jack Shian is an extraordinary twelve-year-old - he belongs to a race of 'otherworld' creatures called Shian who possess incredible powers and live underneath Edinburgh Castle. But the Shian are under threat from powerful enemies, and the fate of the world lies in Jack's hands . . . Jack might have recovered the mysterious Mapa Mundi and rescued his long-lost father from the clutches of an evil enchantress, but he and his family are still in exile off the west coast of Scotland. Meanwhile, their Edinburgh home has been overrun by a powerful alliance of their terrifying foes, which now controls most of the Shian areas in Scotland. If it succeeds in its plan to take the Shian treasures - the Destiny Stone and the King's Chalice - from Edinburgh Castle, both Shian and human worlds will suffer an eternal winter. Faced with his greatest-ever challenge, can Jack now save the world from a terrible fate?