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Tourism and Brexit

Travel, Borders and Identity

Hazel Andrews (Hrsg.)

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This book is the first to explore the relationship between tourism and Brexit from a social science perspective. As the UK repositions itself in the uncharted waters of a post-Brexit world the book considers three interconnected themes all bound up in touristic practices: travel, borders and identity. The volume uses diverse examples, including UK-Polish tourism, royal events, Arthurian-based heritage in Cornwall, media representations of Brits abroad, ideas of freedom on holiday in Mallorca, the impacts of Brexit on migrant workers in Mallorca and on tourism for Commonwealth and Overseas Territories. Contributors to the book are based in the UK, EU, Southeast Asia, USA, Australia and New Zealand, giving the analysis a strongly international focus. It will be useful for students and researchers in tourism, migration, European studies, social anthropology, geography and sociology.

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National identity, COmmonwealth, borders, migrant workers, immigration, impact of Brexit on tourism, tourism and the UK, migrants, cultural change, tourism and the EU