The Journal Of Sir Walter Scott

Sir Walter Scott

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Edited and Introduced by WEK Anderson. ‘I have all my life regretted that I did not keep a regular [journal]. I have myself lost recollection of much that was interesting and I have deprived my family and the public of some curious information by not carrying this resolution into effect.’ Sunday, 20 November 1825 With these words Scott began what many regard as his greatest work, a diary which was to turn into an extraordinary day-to-day account of the last six years of his life, years of financial ruin, bereavement, and increasing ill-health. As he laboured to pay off debts, Scott emerges, not simply as great writer, but as an almost heroic figure whose generosity and even temper shine through at all times. This revised edition presents a complete edited text and notes drawing on a wealth of other material. The first edition of this book is regarded as one of the standards by which Scott scholarship is judged. ‘Scott’s Journal us a hugely important piece of Scottish, and indeed European literature, published here with an incisive introduction, brilliantly judicious annotation and appendices and an excellent index. It confirms the very welcome trend of an increasingly heavyweight catalogue of Canongate Classics . . . Walter Scott has never been so readable.’ Herald ‘The greatest figure he ever drew is in the Journal and it is the man, Walter Scott.’ John Buchan ‘One of the most delightful an moving works of autobiography . . . full of good humour and spiced with anecdote.’ Economist ‘Truly a classic. It has no slow beginning, no laborious diversions and, though we know from the start what the outcome will be, it is compelling right to the very last unfinished sentence.’ Scotland on Sunday

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