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The Stig and the Silver Ghost

A Top Gear book

Jon Claydon, Tim Lawler

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Bunsfold, Surrey, and the nights are drawing in. And something wicked this way comes. A thick fog descends on the town and refuses to disperse. Is a malign spectre really afoot in the town? Or just mass paranoia? The junior Top Gear gang - Sam, Buster, Cabriola and Ford - have a theory. Four hundred years ago to the week, the God-fearing and righteous villagers of Bunsfolde burnt a sinister crone who lived deep in the woods - and she appears to be making a return.

But are the sightings simply publicity ruses engineered by the Cruiser Corps? Or has the ghost of the old crone really risen to seek revenge on the descendants of her village persecutors? What greater scheme does PT Cruiser have up his sleeve? The junior Top Gear gang investigate - with the help of one very special white-suited chap stepping in just when he is needed - to race, and to save humanity ...

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