Humanity's Rage

Sierra Ernesto Xavier

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


'My eyes saw, they saw death... death... death on a grand scale, en masse, death en masse... thousands - hundreds of thousands of deaths... hundreds and thousands of deaths in... in just a few seconds...'Writing in a distinctive prose style, this fictional account is a powerful depiction of humanity personified. With a faltering hesitancy an unnamed character expresses outrage at the lack of humanity in society and in ourselves, where ultimately the borders between self and society become indistinguishable. Are we the person, the humanity, which speaks of these concerns, or are we the concerns that are spoken about?'Where is the justice when people do not even know that eight hundred thousand deaths occurred in one hundred days, that people do not even know what the deaths refer to, but are aware of what cosmetic surgery a celebrity has had? Those eight hundred thousand Rwandan deaths mean nothing compared to a celebrity's boob job!'A searing critique of contemporary society, Humanity's Rage Or How to Stop Blissful Ignorance and Start Worrying is a poignant exploration of man's inhumanity to man, a thought-provoking book and a compassionate plea from the heart asking us all to reassess our world view when we look to our fellow humans' suffering. Passionately written, this book addresses philosophical questions and challenges the reader.'I was blind once, I did not question it - I allowed myself to be blind and when I began to see - I closed my eyes.'

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