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Harmonic Analysis of Mean Periodic Functions on Symmetric Spaces and the Heisenberg Group

Valery V. Volchkov, Vitaly V. Volchkov

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Analysis


The theory of mean periodic functions is a subject which goes back to works of Littlewood, Delsarte, John and that has undergone a vigorous development in recent years. There has been much progress in a number of problems concerning local - pects of spectral analysis and spectral synthesis on homogeneous spaces. The study oftheseproblemsturnsouttobecloselyrelatedtoavarietyofquestionsinharmonic analysis, complex analysis, partial differential equations, integral geometry, appr- imation theory, and other branches of contemporary mathematics. The present book describes recent advances in this direction of research. Symmetric spaces and the Heisenberg group are an active ?eld of investigation at 2 the moment. The simplest examples of symmetric spaces, the classical 2-sphere S 2 and the hyperbolic plane H , play familiar roles in many areas in mathematics. The n Heisenberg groupH is a principal model for nilpotent groups, and results obtained n forH may suggest results that hold more generally for this important class of Lie groups. The purpose of this book is to develop harmonic analysis of mean periodic functions on the above spaces.

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analysis, Symmetric spaces and the Heisenberg group, harmonic analysis, Spectral analysis and spectral synthesis, Mean periodicity, Eigenfunction expansions, Convolution and transmutation operators