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The Quick-Reference Handbook for School Leaders

National Association of Head Teachers

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′It′s the type of useful self-help text that promises practical and easy-to-read guidance to help you manoeuvre round the enquiries and problems that litter your school′s otherwise smooth journey to an A · judgement from Ofsted inspectors!′ - Ldr

′This is a handbook to have available as a first source to consult when an issue first arises. It combines legal advice, information, suggested activities and a series of tips from headteachers who have dealt with such issues before. New headteachers in particular would be well-advised to read the section on media interviews before they are rushed into statements they later regret. ′Looking after Yourself′ is a section that leaders would be well-advised to skim through periodically as a reminder as it is the kind of advice that gets forgotten in the hurly-burly of school life′ - Brian Fidler Professor of Education Management, University of Reading

Distilled from years of NAHT (National Association of Head Teachers) experience of providing advice and guidance for its members in the UK, The Quick-Reference Handbook for School Leaders is a practical guide that provides an answer to the questions "Where do I start?" and "Where do I look for direction?"

Written in an easy-to-read, bulleted format, the handbook is organised around key sections, each part includes brief overviews, checklists and suggestions for further reading.

o Organisation and Management - the role of the Headteacher, negligence and liability, media relations, managing conflict and difficult people, effective meetings, inspection, resource management, records and information.

o Teaching and Learning - curriculum, learning communities, special education, evaluation, staff development, unions, celebrating success.

o Behaviour and Discipline - safe schools, code of conduct, exclusion, search and seizure, police protocols.

o Health and Safety - child protection issues, occupational health & safety, risk assessments, emergency preparation, medical needs, health & safety resources.

o Looking After Yourself - continuing professional development, and work-life balance.

This handbook is an excellent resource for all current and aspiring senior school leaders.

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