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The Well & Badly Loved

A Queer Trilogy

Ben Webb

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Belletristik / Dramatik


This collection of short plays is a passionate response to the effect of Clause 28 on the artistic and social language of a generation. The plays dance between intimate details and the big, historical picture, telling the story of a love affair from three different angles. Each piece is formally inventive & draws on a rich history of gay and queer theatre practice, whilst innovatively pushing the form forward.This collection includes:So Little of You Left - This begins as a traditional poetry reading and rapidly disintegrates into physical theatre, combining poetry, children’s games, physical risk & bold imagery to tell the story of a love affair from start to finish. So Little details the marks that love leaves on our bodies. His Spread Legs - One year later. Tom, alone in his flat in the early hours, begins to speak. A haunting and heartbreaking monologue, inspired by the biblical Song of Songs, excavating the relationship between love, language and identity.The Actor Has Told of His Pain - In this final instalment, the two lovers from So Little meet again and a third character – another ex – helps to give shape to the stories they have been telling each other. A three-act play with a queer twist, about the act of leaving and being left, and coming to terms with the end of the world.

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