The Constitution of Israel

A Contextual Analysis

Professor Suzie Navot

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Recht


This book presents the main features of the Israeli constitutional system and a topical discussion of Israel''s basic laws. It focuses on constitutional history and the peculiar decision to frame a constitution ''by stages''. Following its British heritage and the lack of a formal constitution, Israel''s democracy grew for more than four decades on the principle of parliamentary supremacy. Introducing a constitutional model and the concept of judicial review of laws, the ''constitutional revolution'' of the 1990s started a new era in Israel''s constitutional history. The book''s main themes include: constitutional principles; the legislature and the electoral system; the executive; the protection of fundamental rights and the crucial role of the Supreme Court in Israel''s constitutional discourse. It further presents Israel''s unique aspects as a Jewish and democratic state, and its ongoing search for the right balance between human rights and national security. Finally, the book offers a critical discussion of the development of Israel''s constitution and local projects aimed at enacting a single and comprehensive text.

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