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Human Factors in Paramedic Practice

Gary Rutherford

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Medizin


Human factors is a scientific discipline which examines the interactions between components of a system, whilst aspiring to improve system performance and human well-being. Paramedics are often the first on scene in emergency and urgent situations, and the quality of care that patients receive is dependent on the performance of the paramedic, often working alone or as part of a small team and frequently in challenging environments. This book is an accessible and informative guide to the concepts of human factors and ergonomics in the field of paramedic practice. It shows how an understanding and application of these principles can improve paramedic performance and well-being, and ultimately patient care.



The system components of paramedic practice consist of the patient, the environment, the equipment,  the paramedic and their team, the organisation they work in and the wider culture. This book brings together a range of specialist contributors to consider each of these components in detail through chapters which explore situational awareness, human-centred design, the well-being of the paramedic, systems thinking and safety culture among other topics. It aims to provide paramedics with practical advice and the knowledge of human factors that they need to make their first contact with a patient in need as safe and effective as possible for all involved.

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