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The Knowing Room

Der Wissende Raum

Neil Stanners

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Sequel and conclusion to the story 'The Magic Room' about three people who find refuge in a partially destroyed building in Berlin during the last days of WWII. 

The soldier, Dieter Falke, the girl Adriane Gerst and the Hitler youth boy Hauke Kluge have lost everything and everybody in their lives. They only have each other. They plan to escape together to get away from the Russians who now have the city and to reach the American occupied part of Germany.

In a last-minute skirmish the boy is killed. Dieter and Adriane escape and eventually reach the American zone.

'The Knowing Room' finds the boy alive in a Russian Field Hospital. The Russians are searching for scientists from the German rocket program and they think the boy may have some information they need. When he is well he is taken under the wing of the Russian area commander.

Eventually, he is listed as a war orphan. Through guile and tenacity, he finds his way to Dieter and Adriane who are now living on a farm near Willingen.

He befriends a local girl and together they discover some terrible truth about two men working on a nearby farm. He is caught up in a local dilemma concerning the activities of these two men as operatives at Auschwitz. 

What do you do with war criminals with a history of such terrible crimes?

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