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Red Tara Commentary

Instructions for the Concise Practice Known as Red Tara

Chagdud Khadro

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This commentary serves as a companion to the concise practice text entitled Red Tara: An Open Door to Bliss and Ultimate Awareness compiled by His Eminence Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche (1930-2002). The concise practice is based on an extensive Red Tara practice that is part of the Apang Terton cycle of revealed treasures. The commentary is intended to serve as a manual that guides the meditator through the steps of the practice, explaining their meaning and offering instructions. It was written with the authorization and under the direction of Chagdud Rinpoche, who established Red Tara meditation as a main practice in all his dharma centers. Red Tara practice has since become a profound source of spiritual inspiration for thousands of people all over the world. "e;These written instructions for the concise Red Tara practice come from my wish that others might gain as much benefit as I have from Tara meditation. My life has been very fortunate, but still, as with all beings caught in samsaric confusion, there have been times of emotional and mental turmoil, times of illness. In those times, by the compassion of my heart's lama, Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, I have had a reliable method to work through obstacles, to find deep levels of comfort not dependent on outer circumstances and to penetrate, if only momentarily, the obscuring cover of my mind's delusion. This method is Red Tara practice, and since having been given this wish-fulfilling gem, my life has gained rich meaning and focus. As I wish blessing and full accomplishment of Tara practice for myself, I also wish this for all others. I hope that these instructions help and clarify your practice. The instructions are meant to be used in conjunction with the short Tara practice text published by Padma Publishing. Also, they are not meant to stand on their own, but to supplement oral transmission by a qualified teacher.

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