Alchemy Unveiled

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


For centuries, alchemy has fascinated the Western mind. Who were the Alchemists? Were they scientists, mystics, or both? What were they really seeking? And what was the secret of the Philosophers' Stone? This rare text written originally in German, comes from the hand of a modern alchemist, of whom nothing is known except his name. A work of philosophical alchemy or Hermetic philosophy which concerns itself with the meaning of spirit, body, and soul, it draws upon the ancient doctrines of the Eleusinian Mysteries as well as upon other aspects of the esoteric Western tradition to reveal the inner truth of the alchemical art. Using the language of metaphor, the author builds a pyramid of divine understanding for an evolved spirit, but also provides a unique foundation for the novice and the journeyman alike. Alchemy Unveiled proves that the alchemical tradition is more than a fragment of the medieval past. The ancient Hermetic art is alive and well, and it still has a deep and lasting value for contemporary humanity.