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How to Have A Big Life

Sharing Simple Secrets of Success

Rupert McKerron

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A successful entrepreneur and publisher reveals how anyone can finally have a big life Founder of the McNab's Energy Tabs brand as well as his own publishing house, Pantsula Press, Rupert McKerron knows, as few do, how small dreams can morph into a big life. Not only is he a living example of the kind of success he espouses, his book How to Have a Big Life outlines the keys to that success, in a tone as frank and open as McKerron himself. Filled with clever and inspiring illustrations, as well as the hard-won wisdom and techniques that the author has used, and continues to use, to achieve success, this gem of a book will help people follow their bliss and lead the life they truly deserve.


--RobinSieger, bestselling author of Natural Born Winners
"Compulsory reading for every person who really wants to know whatlies at the heart of a happy and successful life."
--RebeccaStephens, first British woman to climb Everest and the SevenSummits
"This magical little book gives you the courage to go for achosen path, 'your Everest'. Brilliant."
--Kate Burton, professional coach and co-author ofBuilding Self-Confidence for Dummies
"Simplicity and space. Like Rupert's book, the answers tobig questions in life are so much closer than werealize."
--Jim Horan,author/president of The One Page Business Plan Company
"A visual recipe for living life [that] you will come back tofrequently [and] will instantly move you to a place of quietreflection. Give this book to everyone!"
--Sir Christopher Ondaatje,author, financier, and trustee of The National Portrait Gallery
"Invaluable for anyone starting out on life's adventure orjust looking for a quiet reminder."
--Craig Tiley, Australian OpenTournament Director, Tennis Australia Director of Tennis
"I'd recommend [this] to anyone looking to push life tothe next level. Enjoy it."



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