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Against the Grain

Lessons in Entrepreneurship from the Founder of Cobra Beer

Karan Bilimoria

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'Every bit as good as the beer itself.' Sir Richard Branson From selling the first cases of Cobra out of the back of abattered old Citroen 2CV along the streets of West London toexporting to over 40 countries around the world, Karan Bilimoria'svision of a less gassy beer has travelled a long way. Starting out with a heap of student debt, a complete lack ofindustry experience and parents desperate for their son to get aproper job, it could all so easily have gone wrong. But Karan'ssingle-minded determination to succeed and his ability to inspirethose around him to buy into his vision, turned Cobra, sip-by-sip,into the multi-million pound business it is today. Karan's storybottles the very essence of entrepreneurship: vision, drive,creativity and a relentless battle against all odds, to make theidea you so passionately believe in work. Against the Grain is packed with insights into finance,strategy, planning, luck, discipline, and generally doing theunexpected to build your own business, from someone who's beenthere and done it... and all with just a little less gas. 'Essential reading.' Richard Reed, Co-founder, InnocentDrinks 'An inspirational story.' Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief ExecutiveOfficer WPP 'Karan Bilimoria is one of the great entrepreneurs...' JoMalone, founder of Jo Malone 'Inspiring! ... worth the cover price for the "FinancingCobra" chapter alone.' Professor John Mullins, London BusinessSchool '... His story should inspire youth everywhere who are firedby the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.' Ratan Tata,Chairman, Tata Group

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