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Customer Genius

Peter Fisk

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Werbung, Marketing


Hello, I am your customer. Do you see the world like I do? It'ssimple really. Start with me and everything else follows. Togetherwe can do extraordinary things. Are you ready? 10 building blocks, 30 practical tools, 50 inspirationalstories. From Amazon to Banyan Tree, Quintessentially toZipcars, explore 50 of the world's leading customer businesses. Therise of Air Asia, and the collaboration of Boeing; the segmentedfocus of Club Med, and the customer vision of Disney; theimagination of Camper, and the desire for the Nintendo Wii; therealism of Dove, and the tribal loyalty of Harley Davidson. The'genius' of a customer-centric business is that it works from theoutside in. It attracts, serves and retains the best customers asits route to profitability and growth. Isn't it about time youstarted doing business from the outside in?

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