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Make Your First Million

Ditch the 9-5 and Start the Business of Your Dreams

Martin Webb

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Never has advice on making money been so essential! Many of theworld's most successful businesses started during an economicdownturn, so don't let the credit crunch stop you. MakeYour First Million shows you how to go it alone and make themoney come rolling in! This straight-talking reality-check is oneof the UK's bestselling entrepreneurship titles of the last18 months and in this new edition Martin shows you just howimportant it still is to follow your dreams - even in tough times. This edition includes a brand new introduction on whyentrepreneurship is the right choice, even in the current financialclimate. Martin Webb started his first business in therecession of the early 90s and expounds the myths surroundingstating in a recession and outlines the possible benefits andadvantages - as well as the cautions. Includes: * A look at the personal attributes you'll need and how todevelop them * A real understanding of the impact of starting a business onyour lifestyle and relationships * An outline of the skills and knowledge needed to make yourenterprise thrive * Information on finance and how to minimise risk * A unique Entrepreneur's Toolkit packed with practicalsteps to success "The book contains a lot of advice for those with ambitiousgrowth plans in mind." (Growing Business, June 2007) "As a highly readable primer in the art of making a success of astart-up it takes some beating." (Better Business,June 2007)

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