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Animal Wise

The Thoughts and Emotions of our Fellow Creatures

Virginia Morell

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Naturwissenschaften allgemein


Did you know that ants teach, earthworms make decisions, rats love to be tickled, and chimps mourn? That some dogs have 1000-word vocabularies and that birds practise songs in their sleep? That crows improvise tools and moths remember living as caterpillars? Animal Wise takes the reader on an exhilarating, eye-opening journey into the hearts and minds of animals, from ants to chimpanzees, dogs to dolphins -- via archerfish, elephants and wolves. A prolific contributor to National Geographic among other publications, Morell shows that individuality, self-awareness and feeling are far more widespread in the animal kingdom -- and among the scientific community -- than many believe. Combining scientific rigour and storytelling verve, Animal Wise brings the world of nature brilliantly to life in a nuanced, moving and original appreciation of the human-animal bond.

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