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Numeracy and Clinical Calculations for Nurses, second edition

Neil Davison

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Pflege


Numeracy and Clinical Calculations for Nurses is a user-friendly introduction for student nurses that guides you from the basics to the core calculations required in a healthcare setting.

To qualify as a registered nurse you will need to demonstrate proficiency and accuracy when calculating dosages of prescribed medicines. The second edition of Numeracy and Clinical Calculations for Nurses features even more worked examples and practice tests, all designed to increase your confidence and competence in calculating drug dosages and performing other important clinical calculations – a critical issue in improving patient safety.

Key benefits:

  • Diagnostic test to assess your existing skills and knowledge.
  • Back to basics chapter uses a step-by-step approach to ensure understanding – tested by nursing lecturers and their students.
  • Self-assessment tests throughout each chapter enable you to monitor your progress.
  • Extensive worked examples use authentic scenarios to set learning in context.
  • Summary tests provide practice for numeracy exams.
  • Covers drug dosages and other clinical calculations such as pressure ulcer risk assessment tools, National Early Warning Score, hydration and fluid balance, Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool, BMI and ideal body weight.
  • Answers provided for all tests.
The book also features:
  • Error alerts pointing out common errors and why they are sometimes made.
  • Sense checks to help you avoid fundamental errors.
  • Tips to help with calculations and relate them to clinical practice.
  • Appendices covering safe administration of medicine, routes of administration, medication administration records, drug glossary, a handy multiplication grid and simple conversion tables.
Numeracy and Clinical Calculations for Nurses is required reading:
  • Before the numeracy test at your student nurse interview.
  • During your university course as you prepare for further numeracy exams.
  • In practice as you get to grips with drug doses, BMI, drip rates, fluid balance, etc.

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