Campaign of Waterloo - A Military History [Illustrated Edition]

John Codman Ropes

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Waterloo Illustration Pack - 14 maps/battle plans, 18 portraits of the personalities engaged, 10 illustrations.John Codman Ropes was not only a lawyer of the first order, but also a military history of great note. Intimately involved in supporting troops from his native Massachusetts in the American Civil War (he could not serve directly himself due to a childhood illness), he later diligently collected information on this conflict to produce the excellent "e;The Army under Pope"e; and the unfinished "e;Story of the Civil War"e;. He was the driving force of the Military Historical Society of Massachusetts, whose members included large numbers of service men, notably General Hancock. From his wealth of expertise and knowledge, he produced two volumes on the Napoleonic period as well, both of which have gone on to become standard works.Ropes' "e;Campaign of Waterloo"e; is a classic of its kind, acclaimed as unbiased, brilliant and eminently readable. The format of the book is ideally suited to the accumulated eye-witness testimony that has created difficulty in gaining a clear view of the events that defined an epoch. With each chapter, the Author gives a lucid narrative of the events before weighing the evidence that led him to his conclusions in a notes section at the end, all the while avoiding the tangle often found between the narrative and references.An excellent account of the Waterloo Campaign.Author - John Codman Ropes (1836-1899)- We have added our Waterloo Illustration pack to ensure that the reader can follow the text.

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