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No Spider Harmed in the Making of this Book

An Anthology of Spiderlit for Arachne's Eighth Anniversary

David Mathews, Jennifer A McGowan

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Stand up for the small and not especially cuddly! Back in September 2019 we were inspired by Lady Hale and distracted by her spider brooch. Then we realised we were coming up to our 8th Anniversary in August 2020. What better way to celebrate than with a book of Spider related stories and poems? Poets and authors from around the world responded in astonishing numbers to our call out for work that celebrates the spider, and in which the spider survives, triumphs, and provides a role model. Our writers have given the nod to Anansi, Robert the Bruce,Miss Muffet, and of course, Arachne herself, as well as discovering whole new worlds of spider influence and metaphor, with many stories dipping into Fantasy and Science Fiction. A joy for any arachnid fancier, and anyone who can’t stand small lives being trampled, in prejudice or phobia.



Spiders, anniversary collection, poems about spiders, stories about spiders